Fortino Dental

Partial/Complete Dentures

(with Implants)

Full or partial dentures can be a helpful restorative option for people who are missing several or even all of their teeth. Dentures are designed to be worn every day and removed at night. They are designed to sit over the gums and around any existing teeth. However, it is important to note that dentures cannot serve as a replacement for teeth; rather, they are an alternative to the absence of teeth.

Dentures are an alternative to dental bridges and dental implants. Dentures can also be placed over implants and abutments. This is called an over-denture and is an excellent combination treatment alternative with great results.


What are the steps involved in making a denture?

Dentures require several steps and visits to the office to get the best possible fit. A typical full or partial denture takes about 2-3 weeks for the full process to be complete.

Step 1: The dentist will take an impression of your gums. If you need extractions before creating your denture, the dentist will wait until your gums have healed before taking the impressions.

Step 2 - Try-In: This is a critical step in the denture process. The dental lab will send a mockup of your denture, which includes a set of plastic teeth, set in wax, to make sure you are happy with the general color, look, fit and feel of the denture. If any changes are needed, additional try-in appointments may be necessary. Once the denture is made to your satisfaction, the try-in denture will be sent back to the lab to create the final denture.

Step 3: This is the fitting of your final denture. The lab has now processed the premade teeth into a hard, tissue colored acrylic base. If necessary, the dentist will make adjustments to the fit and the bite, and you may need to return to the office if you experience any sore spots or issue within the next few weeks to have the denture adjusted.

The Advantage of Dental Implants with Dentures

A dental implant-supported denture is far superior to bare gums with dentures: